Our performance

We set high standards for our performance because we’re committed to delivering the best service for our communities.

Statement of Assurance and Annual Report

Our Statement of Assurance and Annual Report shows how we performed last year, how much money we spent and how we spent it:

Statement of Assurance and Annual Report 2017-18

Previous Statements of Assurance and Annual Reports

Statement of Assurance and Annual Report 2016-17

Statement of Assurance and Annual Report 2015-16

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Quarterly performance reports

We produce performance reports every quarter to show our progress against previous incident data and targets:




Equality, diversity and inclusion

Annual equality data

The Annual Equality Data Report includes information on our employees and the communities in our area.

It helps us to identify equality priorities and prevent discrimination.

Gender pay gap

 The Gender Pay Gap Report shows the differences between average pay for men and women.

Fire safety

Our fire safety work helps businesses to comply with legislation so that the buildings where people work and visit are as protected as possible and offer a safe means of escape if a fire does start.

Fire safety activities are targeted at premises that we believe present the greatest risk to the community. It’s important to us that the way we enforce the law supports our community, businesses and the Government’s expectations.

Fire Safety Performance Report 2016-17

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