Our strategies and IRMP

By being flexible and innovative, we manage our finite resources effectively to deliver a high standard of community safety.

Strategic Community Safety Plan incorporating our IRMP

Our Strategic Community Safety Plan sets out our commitment to you and incorporates our Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP). Our IRMP is a statutory requirement that helps us to target our resources where they’re needed most.

We regularly review our emergency response, how we collaborate with others and our ways of working.

We consult with members of the public and carry out impact assessments to weigh up the benefits of potential cost savings against the risks.

Read the Strategic Community Safety Plan 2017-2020.

The Strategic Community Safety Plan and IRMP are informed by our Community Risk Profile 2017-2020 (PDF: 4,305KB), which provides a comprehensive and forward looking assessment of the risks in our community.

Our strategic planning framework

Strategic planning framework diagram, showing how our strategies are achieved through departmental policies, procedures and plans

Our efficiency improvements so far

We have already created a number of efficiency savings through our IRMP since 2017, including:

  • removing 6 fire appliances across the service
  • introducing 2 Targeted Response Vehicles (TRVs) to attend lower risk incidents 24/7 and two more TRVs to be staffed at night
  • standing down 2 fire appliances during quieter periods
  • introducing Coldcut Cobra technology, so that firefighters can tackle fires safely without entering a burning building
  • making our workforce more flexible by introducing an extended day shift, a shift exchange option and a flexible day crewing close call shift system at 2 stations
  • reviewing cleaning and catering services
  • restructuring our fire safety and community safety functions
  • collaborating and co-locating with other emergency services and partners
  • redeveloping SafetyWorks!, our interactive safety education centre
  • changing the level of some of our crews

The Strategic Community Safety Plan is supported by 3 key strategies:

Organisational Development Strategy

This strategy is underpinned by our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

It sets out how we can all work together to:

  • lead our people
  • promote continuous improvement of the service
  • improve outcomes for our staff and communities

Read our Organisational Development Strategy 2018.

Medium Term Financial Strategy

Our 4 year Medium Term Financial Strategy is a fundamental part of our strategic planning process. It:

  • ensures that we have the financial resources we need for our planned improvements
  • reflects the need to create efficiencies by exploring new ways of delivering our services
  • includes both capital and revenue spend and income

Read our Medium Term Financial Strategy 2016-2017 to 2019-2020.

Community Safety Strategy

The Community Safety Strategy sets a clear vision for activities including:

  • prevention
  • protection
  • response
  • resilience

It explains how we will shape services and target resources to achieve better outcomes for the community.

Read our Community Safety Strategy 2018.

The action plans and procedures that support our strategies are available through our publication scheme.