We regularly consult with members of our community through events and surveys so that your opinions can help shape our strategy and plans.

Consultation is a two way process. The Fire Authority will listen to those who are consulted and provide feedback on how their views have influenced our services.

In some cases, it may not be possible to act upon residents’ views and suggestions. This will be justified fairly and in good time to those affected.

Proposed changes to our operational response

On 5 November 2018, the Fire Authority agreed to initiate a 10 week public consultation on 3 proposed changes to how we respond to incidents. This was extended to 12 weeks on 10 December.

Find out more about the proposed changes (PDF: 1,015KB).

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Public consultation on the three proposed changes closed on 28 January.

A report was considered by the Fire Authority on 18 February and Proposal One was approved.