Our Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP)

Tyne and Wear is an incredible place to live, work, and visit, and we have a diverse demographic make-up. No two areas across the UK are exactly the same, and so it is important that we have our own local plan to identify risk.

It is a fact that Tyne and Wear has some of the highest levels of deprivation in the entire country and this adds to the risk in our communities. The purpose of this plan is to outline how we are identifying and mitigating that risk by targeting our resources effectively and efficiently.

Previously, this has been done through our Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP), which we have a statutory responsibility to produce.

Our current CRMP, which runs to 2027, has been developed using intelligence, insight, and a comprehensive understanding of current and future risks, both in Tyne and Wear and nationally.

We also have a Community Safety Plan for 2023/24 that focuses on our Prevention and Protection plans for the year ahead. Those plans have used data from our Community Risk Profile 2023-26.

We will continue to be adaptable and innovative to address the changing needs we face, and work with our valued partners and the community, to deliver a Service we are proud of.

CRMP 2024-2027 front cover