We work closely with our communities to prevent fires and other emergencies from happening, but it’s important for your home or business premises to be prepared just in case.

Smoke alarms

At home, you should have at least one smoke alarm on each floor, especially outside sleeping areas. All alarms must carry the British Standards kitemark:

Check your home is safe with our virtual safe and well check.

Test your smoke alarms once a month by pressing the TEST button. If the ceiling is high, use a broom handle or pole to push the button.

Dust builds up over time, so gently vacuum your alarms once a year.

Landlords are required by law to make sure their properties are fitted with working smoke alarms.

This video highlights the importance of having working smoke alarms to give early warning of fire. It includes a recording of a real 999 call reporting a serious house fire in Newcastle, where a family was trapped upstairs:

Automatic Fire Alarms

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Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning can kill quickly and without warning.

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