TWFRS to launch new Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP)

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) have revealed their plan to keep communities safe across the region – and they’re asking for your view.

TWFRS have today (Monday) published their draft Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) that outlines how they target their resources.

There are no new proposals in this CRMP but what it does do is bring a number of different corporate documents, including their IRMP, into one place.

That includes the way they identify risk in the community with national data showing the North East has some of the most deprived areas across the UK.

Although the document has no new formal proposals, it brings together a number of the Service’s corporate plans for the very first time.

TWFRS are now opening the document up to an eight-week period of consultation to provide both the public, and key stakeholders, with an opportunity to offer feedback.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Peter Heath, of TWFRS, said: “We have produced an Integrated Risk Management Profile (IRMP) that will propose how we do business over a set period of time.

“We most recently went through that process in summer 2021 and a number of proposals around changes to our Service Delivery were agreed following a period of public consultation.

“The change to a CRMP is a transference of the agreed proposals within the IRMP and move to a new format (CRMP) that pulls a number of key service plans together in one document.

“This will bring us in line with new national guidance but also make our corporate documentation more concise, with a clear vision for how we will do business moving forward.

“Although there are no new proposals, we do want to consult on this document and seek feedback on it.”

To read the CRMP, and find out more about the document, visit the TWFRS consultation pages at:

You can complete a short four-question consultation survey at those pages, or you can access it directly here: