Have your say on our Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP)

Welcome to the consultation page for our Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) 2022-24

Our draft CRMP is a document that outlines how we are identifying and mitigating risk by targeting our resources effectively and efficiently.

Moving forward the document will also incorporate our Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP), the most recent version of which was approved and published in Summer 2021.

The IRMP is the process used for making changes to the Service, and ensuring that services are planned, designed and delivered in a way that balances available resources and community risk, and promotes continuous improvement.

It is one of a number of corporate documents that include our Community Risk Profile, our People and Organisational Development Strategy and our Mid-Term Financial Strategy.

In line with national guidance, we have brought all of these corporate documents into one concise CRMP and now it is time for us to hear what you think!

This document is subject to an eight-week consultation period that will provide TWFRS staff, our partners and members of our community with the opportunity to shape our future plans.

What are we consulting on?

When we consulted on our IRMP last year, we proposed four changes to how we deliver our services across Tyne and Wear.

Those proposals were approved and are in the process of being implemented. In the future, proposals to change how we deliver our services will be made through the CRMP.

However, as we have already consulted on the IRMP proposals, this consultation is all about how we present our corporate documentation.

There are no new proposals to how we do business but we want to hear your thoughts on how we will be publishing our plans within a CRMP moving forward.

How do I offer my feedback?

We would invite you to read our CRMP and then complete a short four-question survey.

This includes three questions and then an opportunity for you to offer any further feedback on the document itself, or even this consultation process.

We are not holding any in-person consultation events but if you have any questions you can email corporate.communciations@twfire.gov.uk.

To complete the consultation survey please use the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/25M6LBC.