Home Fire Safety

A Firefighter gives fire safety advice to a resident

A fire doesn’t have to kill you to take away your life but there are steps you can take to ensure Home Fire Safety. Fire can develop and spread quickly, producing heat and large amounts of thick smoke and fumes. 

Home Fire Safety Advice

A working smoke alarm can give you important early warning but you will only have minutes to escape and it will be more difficult at night when people are asleep and it is dark. Escaping is easier if you have a planned escape route and everyone knows what to do. This section will give you advice on ways to prevent, protect and escape from fire.

Home Fire Safety - Education

Our primary focus is to prevent deaths and injuries from fires and other emergencies, and to do this we deliver a comprehensive Community and Home Fire Safety service. Our Prevention and Education teams focus on the need to prevent fires and other emergencies from occurring by encouraging all members of our community to know the dangers and take action to prevent fire, protect their homes and know what to do should a fire occur.  

Home Fire Safety - Prevention, Protection and Escape

The majority of fire deaths and injuries occur in the home so we all need make our homes as safe as possible. The first step anyone should take is to fit a smoke alarm and to make sure it works by testing it once a week. To help you to make your home safer we have provided a range of information on prevention, protection and escape to help you to identify the potential hazards.  

Select  the links to view home fire safety information and video clips which will help you to make your home safe from fire. 

Fire Safety in the Home - Audio Guide

You can request a Fire Safety in the Home CD (produced by FireKills) from our Watch Manager B, Prevention and Education on 0800 032 7777.  This provides fire safety in the home guidance in an audio format.