Volunteer to help our Service and communities

To help ensure that our frontline firefighters remain available to respond to emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chief Fire Officer Chris Lowther is asking ex-TWFRS staff to volunteer for non-operational duties.

This request applies to operational employees who retired more than 5 years ago and former corporate or support staff. If you retired from an operational sector-competent role within the last 5 years, please email about potential re-engagement.

Over the next few weeks, volunteers will be needed to help with both internal and external activities, for example, delivering essentials to vulnerable people.

You can volunteer to help if:

  • you have a valid driving licence
  • you used to work for TWFRS
  • you are under 70
  • you are in good health and not in a high-risk group
  • no one in your household is unwell or self-isolating

Thank you for your support.


Update – July 2020

Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in volunteering.

We are continuing to support our communities by partnering up with local charities as part of our “business as usual” activities, so we are no longer asking our former employees for support.

However, if you have some spare time and would like to help keep Tyne and Wear residents safe, please consider joining our community volunteer programme.