Thankful mam praises firefighters after her toddler got her head stuck in a potty

A thankful mam has praised firefighters for their quick response and calming nature after her toddler got her head stuck – in a potty!

Kay Stewart was already feeling down in the dumps as she battled to potty train her daughter Harper last week.

But last Tuesday all their hard work almost went down the drain – when the two-year-old found herself in a precarious position.

Kay was at their home in Wallsend when she heard cries of “Mammy I’m stuck!” coming from their bathroom.

Kay rushed to Harper’s aid but to her horror she found the toddler with the top of her potty stuck on her head.

The 37-year-old tried everything to get the potty off but it wouldn’t budge – and she began to panic.

Left with nowhere else to turn, Kay’s 16-year-old daughter Shannon called Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) for help.

They quickly arrived on scene, were able to calm down Harper and her panicked mam, before safely removing the potty from the child’s head.

The Wallsend mam has now praised the firefighters for their quick response – and for their calming effect on her children.

Kay said “I was so relieved when the firefighters turned up, I’d been trying everything to get it off when my older daughter said she’d called the fire service for help.

“They turned up blue lights and everything and the kids loved it, they were so calming and kept the other kids busy whilst helping Harper.

“It was brilliant to see how quick they helped us get it off, Harper gave the firefighter a big hug once he was done.

“They even put their lights on and gave them a big wave before heading off.

“I was so grateful for their help that evening.”

It was Wallsend Community Fire Station’s Green Watch who were dispatched by Fire Control to help Kay and Harper that evening.

And today (Thursday) Station Manager Trevor Sturrock is praising his watch for their professionalism and supportive nature when helping rescue Harper.

He said “Green Watch were with Kay and her family in just a matter of minutes, and used small tools to remove the toilet seat from Harper’s head”.

“Something that she had to be very still for and can be really frightening for such a little person. Harper was very brave which helped the Firefighters complete the rescue”.

“I want to thank the crew for their professionalism at this incident, sometimes when you turn up people are really panicked and it’s about remaining calm and calming others”.

“I’m so glad the crew were able to support and assist Kay and her family and we hope Harper doesn’t find herself stuck again and wish her well with the potty training”.

“No two days are the same in this job and we really do have to be prepared for anything.”

Harper’s rescue was just one of hundreds of special service requests received by the Service every year.

Those include responding to road traffic collisions, animal rescues and helping people trapped in difficult locations.