Plans for a new Hebburn Tri Station

Plans for a new Hebburn Tri Station

We are relocating our Fire Station covering the Hebburn and Jarrow areas from our existing site off Victoria Road West to a new site between Campbell Park Road and Marine Drive, Hebburn.

The existing Fire Station was built in 1965 to fulfill the needs of the Hebburn/Jarrow area at that time, but due to changes in commercial and domestic circumstances, challenges for the Fire Service have also changed and a new, state of the art facility is required to take into account new and ever changing community risks. The new Tri Station further supports the local community by bringing together in one location, the Fire Service, Neighbourhood Police and Ambulance Service.

In choosing this location we have taken into account community risks and how the Hebburn/Jarrow area has changed over the years and continues to develop. The evolving road network was also considered in relation to all three blue light services access to incidents.

In order to meet all three blue light services ongoing commitments to energy conservation and minimising our carbon footprint, the Stations building will be designed to be ‘Carbon Neutral’ by using modern technology in the form of Photovoltaic Roof Panels and Ground Source Heat Pumps to satisfy the energy requirements of a facility of this size.

When will our Station be open?

We submitted a formal Planning Application to South Tyneside Council at the end of November 2021, at which point you will have another opportunity to comment on our proposals in January 2022. If we are granted Planning approval we would hope to be open by Summer 2023.

New Station computer generated images

New Station site plan