Today, July 9th, sees the opening of the registration period to apply to be a firefighter with County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service (CDDFRS), Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service ((NFRS) and Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS).

For the last three weeks, all Services have been delivering a series of ‘taster sessions’ to help would-be firefighters understand many of the key aspects of the role – including some of the physical challenges that they need to overcome.

Paul Hedley, Chief Fire Officer at NFRS said:

“Our firefighters work hard throughout the community in both rural and urban settings. As a whole time firefighter you have the opportunity to become a role model within the community while developing your skills and beginning a new career path. If you are interested, we encourage you to apply, you do not need to have previously attended a taster session in order to apply.”

Firefighters now deliver a variety of roles, from attending to emergency incidents to working in their local communities, often with partner agencies, to support a number of safety messages and initiatives – from road and water safety; fire safety in schools and delivering Home Safety Checks.

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service’s Chief Fire Officer, Stuart Errington said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity to become part of the fire and rescue service, the modern firefighter not only saves lives but they provide a vital role within the community to educate people on how to stay as safe as possible.

“Educational initiatives in schools, colleges and community groups are also an important part of the work that our firefighters carry out.”

“I would encourage applications from anyone, regardless of your age, gender or your ethnicity, who genuinely wants to make a difference to people of the northeast – Take it from me, it is at times a huge challenge but overall an extremely rewarding career.”

The registration period is open for 5 days, and the clear message is, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. This is echoed in the short film that is going out across all the Service’s social media platforms.

However, the fire services are hoping that would-be firefighters will help them by not all applying as soon as the window is open

Chris Lowther, Chief Fire Officer, TWFRS commented:

 “This is an extremely exciting time for us, especially as we haven’t recruited firefighters for over eight years. We are committed to encouraging anyone who wants to be a firefighter to apply. Our firefighters should reflect our communities and we want the right people to apply – that’s irrespective of gender, age or ethnicity.

Our firefighters don’t just fight fires and rescue people from road traffic collisions, they play an integral role in our community to help prevent emergencies and accidents occurring in the first place. They also help to educate children on the risks from fire, water and roads.

This isn’t a case of first come, first served. Each applicant will have the same opportunity to register and complete the online process. I can’t wait to meet our new recruits in October and wish all applicants the very best of luck.”

To register, please go to