Further investment in firefighter safety

A new project sees firefighter safety pushed to the forefront again at a North East Fire and Rescue Service.

Technology and research into firefighter safety is advancing and Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) are looking into new ways to keep their firefighters safe whilst on duty.

The Service is investing heavily in brand new equipment to ensure that firefighters are protected when responding to incidents.

Breathing apparatus (BA) sets are essential pieces of kit for firefighters when they are extinguishing fires, allowing them to breathe clean fresh air in dangerous and hazardous environments.

Investment in firefighter safety is a key element of the Service’s draft Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) 2024-2027, which is currently out for consultation.

And today, senior leaders at TWFRS are calling for the public to read the draft CRMP and invite them to provide their views on the proposals and how they plan to enhance services.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Stewart Nicholson said “We are committed to ensuring that our staff have the best equipment when they are responding to incidents and keeping our community safe.

“A breathing apparatus set is a crucial piece of equipment that keeps every firefighter safe when they are responding to fires in our region.

“We want to make sure that the BA set they are putting on is fit for purpose and provides the highest level of protection when they most need it.

“Since this is a considerable investment for TWFRS it is highlighted as one of the 24 proposals.

“This draft CRMP is about ensuring our service evolves in line with the risk demands of our region and making the best use of resources to meet those needs.

“I would encourage the public to read our draft CRMP on our website and give feedback via the accompanying consultation survey.”

For those people interested in taking part or learning more about the Service’s proposed Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) for 2024 – 2027, please visit www.twfire.gov.uk/our-plan.

The consultation survey remains open until 6th February.