Fast-thinking firefighters save local business from going in to a spin

The inside the commercial premises

Fast-thinking firefighters have been praised for extinguishing a blaze at a dry cleaners – after arriving on scene within just three minutes of the 999 call.

At about 10.35pm on Tuesday evening (22 February), Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) received a 999 call reporting a fire at a commercial premises in Gosforth.

They were on scene in just three minutes and found that tumble dryers within the ground floor business were well alight.

Crews from Gosforth and Newcastle Central Community Fire Stations immediately got to work and extinguished the blaze before it spread to the rest of the shop and other surrounding businesses.

The owner of the business praised firefighters for being “professional until the end” and that their quick response prevented the fire from “causing any further damage”.

Now a senior fire officer has echoed the comments of the business owner – while adding that the fire acted as an important reminder to us all.

Group Manager Ian Bell, of TWFRS, said: “This was a fantastic response from our crews and the speed in which they got to the scene certainly prevented a bigger blaze.

“We pride ourselves on our quick response times but that is nothing without a professional response at the scene and they did just that on this occasion.

“This has taken place in an area where there are a number of local businesses and if that fire had spread it could have proved catastrophic for the community.

“Thankfully nobody was injured and this business was potentially saved from closure – but this is a timely reminder for us all.

“The cause of this fire is believed to be linked to a tumble dryer and it is the second such fire that we have had in a matter of days.

“Many residents will have a dryer in their home and we would ask that you never leave it running while you’re out or during the night when you are sleeping and that you remove the lint after every load.

“Do not cover the vent and make sure you don’t put items in the dryer if they have absorbed any flammable liquids or contaminated in oil.

“When taking items out of the dryer always air them, don’t leave hot items in the dryer or leave them in a pile without airing them as they could self-combust and cause significant fire damage to your property.”

Residents have also been encouraged to register their household appliances at, a website run by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA).

You are also encouraged to make sure you have a smoke alarm fitted and that you test it regularly to make sure it is working.

If you, or someone you know, is vulnerable and needs one fitted then you can request the support of TWFRS by visiting the home safety section of our website.