Ending the suffer-ring for this midwife

Firefighters have been praised after coming to the rescue of a midwife in desperate need of freeing – when her wedding ring got stuck on her finger!

On Tuesday 8th March, Lynn Metcalf’s ring finger began turning blue after a flare up of a joint condition.

Lynn, from East Harrington in Sunderland, has a medical condition which can attack any joint in her body – and it just so happens on that day it fancied her ring finger.

Her 25th wedding anniversary ring became stuck and after multiple attempts of her normal methods to soothe the joint and get the ring off it still wouldn’t budge.

The 59-year-old midwife then called Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service’s (TWFRS) Farringdon Community Fire Station in the hopes they would be able to get the ring removed quickly.

She said: “I initially thought about going to A&E but didn’t think they would have the tools to help me so I gave the fire station a quick ring to see if they could help.

“They told me to come straight down and helped me pry it off with a few bits of kit and a big block of ice.

“The watch were all so lovely and interested in helping me even though I was completely embarrassed about what had happened.

“They were so professional and kept me entertained whilst I was there, I didn’t feel like I was bothering them and I want to thank them for their swift response that day.

“I need to use my hands every day in my role and couldn’t imagine what would have happened if they couldn’t get it off.”

Red Watch were on duty that day and were happy to assist Lynn and get her finger back to normal using a variety of kit.

Crew Manager Kevin Sirey said “I’m glad we were able to help get that ring off Lynn’s finger that day otherwise her job would have been impacted.

“Our firefighters are always fantastic in these situations – very level headed and calm as not to stress out the person who is in distress.

“I want to thank the watch for their quick response and professionalism that they showed to Lynn.”