Christmas smoke alarm campaign proves it’s the real thing…

As part of their on-going campaign to remind local communities of the importance of having working smoke alarms, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service has launched a heart-warming Christmas film.

The film shows Santa checking his nice and naughty list, before he and his elves head out to place smoke alarms into Christmas stockings around the firesides of Tyne and Wear.

Of course this Santa travels in a fire engine, not a sleigh, and has fire cadets as elves. The fire engine is bedecked with lights as it travels through the streets of Tyne and Wear and any similarity between it and the truck used in a very famous cola ad, is purely coincidental.


TWFRS Area Manager – Community Safety, Lynsey McVey said: “It’s only natural that Santa would place those without a smoke alarm on his naughty list. But instead of receiving pieces of coal, our Santa gives them a helping hand by adding a smoke alarm to their Christmas stockings.

“Tragically we have recently attended house fires where the occupants had died. Not having a working smoke alarm was a factor in these deaths. In the last 12 months we attended 107 dwelling fires where the property didn’t have a smoke alarm and 159 dwelling fires where a smoke alarm was fitted but did not activate. That’s a worrying set of numbers.”

TWFRS is directing residents to its website, which contains some very helpful information on keeping safe in the home, and details on how to book a home safety check.

Lynsey continued: “Having a working smoke alarm is the best way of getting out of a fire alive. We hope this film will remind residents that their safety and that of their loved ones, should always be top of their list for Santa.”

The film, made for TWFRS’ social media channels is available from today.