Fire Service warns Bonfire Night will be different but risks remain the same

With Bonfire Night less than two weeks away, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) has released a new video that aims to make people think twice before taking risks with fireworks and what can happen when things get out of hand.

Richie Rickaby Area Manager for Community Safety at Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service said: “Covid-19 means there are rules in place, which prevent us from having organised displays/community bonfires or having get-togethers with our families and friends like we usually would at this time of the year.

“This year is like no other, bonfire night will be different but the risks remain the same.

“Fireworks can be great entertainment, but they are explosives and are dangerous. Please don’t put extra pressure on firefighters or the emergency services this bonfire period.

“If you’re going to buy fireworks, please choose a licensed and reputable retailer and follow the instructions carefully. Please don’t have bonfires as these can easily get out of control.

“We are asking for everyone’s sake please show respect this bonfire night and stay safe.”

The 3-minute video ends with Watch Manager James Hewitt talking about being attacked.

The video is available on the TWFRS website and social media, as well as being shown in schools and youth organisations across Tyne and Wear.

TWFRS also advise that families celebrating Halloween should take care with the use of candles and ensure that children don’t wear loose clothing around them. Please also make sure that fancy-dress costumes comply with EC standards and are made from flame-retardant material.