On Call Firefighter Recruitment

Firefighters with hoses

We are not currently recruiting On Call (Retained) Firefighters

On Call Firefighters are an essential part of the Service and provide a part time service, responding to fire and emergency calls in the same way as Wholetime Firefighters, using the same appliances and equipment. Our On Call Firefighters may be builders, shopkeepers, typists or technicians; however they are trained to our high standards and remain on call from their home opposed to a Fire Station. 

Our On Call Fire Station

We currently operate an on call service at Chopwell Fire Station, this is an area within Tyne and Wear where the risk to residents and businesses is relatively low and as such would be impractical to have a Wholetime Fire Station staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


You will be asked to give your availability of hours you would be prepared to be on call. Clearly, flexibility is key and you will need to be either self employed or have an employer who is supportive of your availability. One criteria of the role is that you must live no more than 5 minutes travelling distance from the Fire Station, observing UK driving regulations so that you can respond quickly. As with any part time job, you will be paid, but must be committed to the availability you have provided and the demanding elements of the role.


As with our Firefighters, your retaining fee begins on a scale when you begin the role as a trainee until you become fully competent following our comprehensive training and development programme. The hourly rate applies when you are called out and is inclusive of a disturbance fee. Your uniform and protective equipment will be provided.  

Could You Fit an On Call Firefighters Boots?

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals with common sense, the ability to deal with physically and emotionally demanding situations and also have the ability to work as part of a team. 

To apply to join the service as an On Call Firefighter, you do not need any qualifications, instead you will need to:           

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Live within five minutes of our retained fire stations

  • Be physically and medically fit

  • Have good hearing and eyesight

  • Have a real interest in the fire service and helping the community


To help you decide whether you have the potential to be a successful firefighter, complete the National Self Selection Questionnaire. It will ask you a series of multi-choice questions covering a number of different areas and should take you no more than fifteen minutes to complete. 

To learn more about the duties and responsibilities, why not visit the 'What's Involved' page. 

 If you now consider On Call Firefighter as an opportunity, you may find the selection pages useful. Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue service strive for excellence, as a result our retained firefighters undergo the same selection process as our Wholetime Firefighters. 

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