Fire Safety for Business

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service is committed to promoting the fire safety message to the public of Tyne and Wear. It is our policy to effectively manage fire safety and to seek a reduction in the number of fires, fire-related deaths and injuries, through the effective enforcement of Fire Safety legislation.

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Legislative Fire Safety operates a Fire Safety Policies and Standards department at it's Headquarters in Barmston-mere,Washington and two Fire Safety District offices situated at West Denton and Sunderland which deal with the fire safety workload within their areas.

In addition to this, operational personnel carry out a number of re-inspections to ensure the standards of fire safety are being maintained.

Our Fire Safety Inspectors will provide information which is consistent, appropriate, transparent and timely, and the inspection of premises in regard to commerce and industry will be prioritised on risk.

The department has also produced various Public Advice Notes, which explain in simple terms, the requirements of the various pieces of legislation as well as giving general advice to the public.


For any Fire Safety advice or related problem, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us or alternatively visit the Department for Communities and Local Government web site where you can access guidance on fire safety for certain types of housing and information for small accommodation providers as well as the Government’s suite of premises-specific fire safety risk assessment guidance documents. 

For Health and Safety regulation information, please consult the national Business Link web site.

For advice and guidance on how you can reduce the risk of arson occurring to your premises please consult our Arson Prevention Advice page.