On-Call Firefighter Recruitment

On-call firefighters are essential to Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.  They provide a part time service, responding to fire and emergency calls in the same way as whole time firefighters, using the same appliances and equipment.

We currently operate an on call service at Chopwell Community Fire Station.

On-call firefighters work part-time.  The role is open to those who live and/or work within 8 minutes of Chopwell station.

With the exception of training sessions and pre-arranged duties, on-call firefighters only attend their fire station when they receive an emergency call. These firefighters often have other occupations but commit to being on-call at certain times when they are able to get to their fire station within 8 minutes.

As an on-call firefighter, you will be asked to give your availability of hours you would be prepared to be on call, flexibility is key.

As with our wholetime firefighters, your on-call fee begins on a scale when you begin the role as a trainee until you become fully competent following our comprehensive training and development programme.

The hourly rate applies when you are called out and includes a disturbance fee. Your uniform and protective equipment will be provided.

Find out more about life as an on call firefighter at oncallfire.uk.

Firefighters at Chopwell Community Fire Station next to an appliance

Applications for on-call firefighter recruitment are now closed.

Any questions about the role, please contact our recruitment team.