Personal Qualities and Attributes

Personal Qualities and Attribute (PQA) Definitions

Working with Others – works effectively with others both within the Fire and Rescue Service and the Community.  Showing a preference for being supportive, involved and prepared to encourage the contributions of others.


Commitment to Diversity and Integrity – understands and respects diversity and adopts a fair and ethical approach to others.  Showing an honest approach and a natural respect for the needs and differences of others.


Confidence and Resilience – maintains a confident and resilient attitude in highly challenging situations.  Controlling your own emotional states and conveying sense of purpose to others.


Commitment to Excellence – Adopts a conscientious and proactive approach to work to achieve and maintain excellent standards.  Awareness of the need for high standards and of ways to make improvements.


Commitment to Development – committed to and able to develop self and others.  Accepting the importance of continuous learning, looking to increase experience and skills of self and others. 


Situational Awareness – maintains an active awareness of the environment to promote safe and effective working.  Recognition of a range of hazards and circumstances which have the potential to impact on safety.


Openness to Change – is open to change and actively seeks to support it within the Fire and Rescue Service and the community.  Willingness to accept changes to procedures or the organisation, and support these in your actions and attitudes.


Effective Communication – Communicates well both orally and in writing.  The ability to make yourself understood to varied audiences, for a number of different purposes.


Problem Solving – Understands, recalls, applies and adapts relevant information in an organised, safe and systematic way.  Understanding the needs of the situation and creating solutions to resolve problems.