Pride in Your Place campaign launched to tackle anti-social behaviour in Washington

Date24 September 2018

A new ‘Pride in Your Place’ campaign has been launched to tackle anti-social behaviour in Washington.

The campaign aims to reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the area, cut down fly tipping and deliberate fires and instil some pride in the community.

 It was launched during Business Safety Week by Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue in partnership with Northumbria Police, Sunderland City Council and local businesses in the Washington area.

 Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, Area Manager – Community Safety, Lynsey Mcvay commented:

  “Anti-social behaviour can be damaging for both businesses and community residents. We - and our partners - take ASB seriously. Activities such as fly-tipping, malicious fire setting and graffiti affect the whole community and work tirelessly to help prevent it. We are requesting the support from local businesses to help report, prevent and protect both themselves and the wider local community.

 “Over the past six months, we have noticed a rise in the number of deliberate fires in the Pattinson Industrial Estate area. We would like to prevent this from continuing and potentially escalating, resulting in more serious incidents that could put local businesses and lives at risk.”

 Fire crews, police and local authority representatives will be routinely patrolling the area, providing a visible presence, in the hope of deterring people involved in ASB.

Leaflets, posters and advice are now being distributed to businesses in the Pattinson Industrial estate area by fire crews from Washington.

 Sergeant Gemma Calvert, of Northumbria Police, said:

 “We are committed to taking a firm approach to help reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour and make residents and businesses feel safer.

 “This is another example of the work being carried out with our partners to tackle fire-related anti-social behaviour, and we will continue to carry out patrols in affected areas to offer a visible deterrent.

 “We are also running a number of other multi-agency initiatives to tackle this problem, including the #IWILL campaign aimed at encouraging youths to make a difference in their community through planting schemes, painting street furniture and litter picks. Our officers will also continue to visit local schools over the coming months to promote key educational messages.

 “Our local communities should not have to put up with the anti-social behaviour of a few individuals, and we would urge anybody who has any concerns to speak to us. By working together with the public and our partners, we can tackle this problem head-on.”

Sunderland City Council Chair of the Washington Area Committee, Councillor Len Lauchlan said: “It’s great to see our local partners, businesses and residents working together to help prevent the fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour blighting Pattinson Industrial Estate and other areas.

“This latest campaign will tell you, we all have a pride in Washington, and won’t tolerate these thoughtless people who seem intent on spoiling it for everyone else.

 “Washington Area Committee fund a number of environmental ‘Clean and Green’ projects where volunteers and residents of Washington come together with partners and carry out activities such as litter picks and community clean ups.”

 Cllr Lauchlan added:  “These successful projects show that if we all work together, report any problems and help identify those responsible, we can hopefully deter anyone from committing what are actually criminal acts.”

The campaign is already being supported by local businesses Universal Sealants and Ferguson Transport.

 Colin Laing Safety Health and Environment Manager at Universal Sealants said: “We take up a large portion of the industrial estate and we fully support this campaign. We’ve shared the information internally with staff but we’ll also promote across our social media for the public too.”

 Michael Arkle Transport Director at Ferguson Transport said: “We’re sharing the poster and tips on our staff noticeboards so they know how and where to correctly report any issues. Our security guards have also been updated.”

Notes to Editor

Notes to Editors:

Tips for local business

Entry gates should be secured, unless in use, to prevent access by intruders

Ensure any damage to fencing is repaired promptly to deter intruders

Fit good quality external doors

Close windows when not in use

Don’t leave flammable liquids/gases in the open

Ensure you include the impact of arson in your workplace fire risk assessment. A large percentage of businesses fail to return to trading following a fire

Protect your commercial property. Seek advice on security, good lighting and CCTV as these will often act as a deterrent to a criminal

Raise all incidents of arson, even the small fires, with your local neighbourhood watch members, the police and local fire station personnel

When closing down your business at the end of the day, adopt a thorough closedown procedure making sure external doors are locked, internal doors are closed, no unauthorised persons are left on the premises, alarms are switched on and there is no rubbish or waste left lying around

Contact your local Fire and Rescue Service, we are always there to help

Look after your bins.

Only present your bin on the morning of collection and return it to your property as soon as possible after collection, ensuring it is stored securely

Avoid placing bins, rubbish, or other combustible items against the walls of your premises. These are a ready supply of fuel for the arsonist

Do not store bins by windows or doors - any fire in the bin could easily spread to your property

All wastes should be stored in an appropriate refuse container - do not overfill your wheelie bins or leave loose rubbish around them.

Tips for the General Public

Report accumulated or abandoned refuse to your local council. Don't let it become a target for arson.

Anti-social behaviour is often a precursor to arson. Report such behaviour through your local neighbourhood policing team, neighbourhood watch team or anonymously through Crimestoppers - 0800 555 111

If you are a parent or a guardian and you discover a child who has been playing with or shows an interest matches and lighters within the home, contact your local fire and rescue service for advice.

Raise all incidents of arson, even the small fires, with your local neighbourhood councillors, the police and local fire station personnel.

Protect your property from arson - The best defence against arson is effective security:

or more information please contact Corporate Communications.
Tel: 0191 444 1725 / 1542
Email: corporate.communications@twfire.gov.uk