Freedom of Information Act Request

We are committed to being open, accountable and transparent and is constantly striving to develop a culture of greater openness and awareness.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities. It sets out exemptions from that right and places a number of obligations on public authorities. 

Information Charging Policy

Much of the information contained in the Publication Scheme is available from our website and access to it is free of charge. If you want to receive a print-out of any information which is available on the website, you may be charged for postage and at the prevailing standard rate per sheet for printing.  Where an item is only available in printed format, we may charge you postage and the cost of copying the document, at the prevailing standard rate per page.  In some cases, no charge will be made for supplying print-outs of web-site information or copies of paper documents unless multiple copies are requested. 

Leaflets and brochures giving general information/guidance/advice to the public are available free of charge.  A small number of items which carry higher publication costs are separately priced. For example, "glossy" or other bound paper copies, a CD-ROM, video or other publication medium. In some cases a separate price may be charged because, in providing copies, we are required to make royalty payments on copyright material. 

Where information on a register is available for inspection, this will usually be provided free of charge.  

You will be advised of the cost (if any) of supplying copies of specific items of information under the scheme upon request.  In order to protect us there will be rules which govern multiple applications for information which are clearly trying to avoid the financial limits set by the Government. However, we will try to help you as much as possible to get the information you want. 

Making a Request

The Publication Scheme has been designed to let you know what information and publications are currently available from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Authority.  Where information is available on the website, a hyperlink will direct you to the correct page.  Where no online version is available, please make a Freedom of Information request by post or using our online request form. 

The Home Office regularly collects detailed statistics on incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Services. This information covers fires, false alarms and other incidents attended by fire crews, and the statistics include the numbers of incidents, fires, fatalities and casualties as well as information on response times to fires. The Home Office also collect information on the workforce, fire prevention work, health and safety and firefighter pensions. Further information can be found on the following link.

The detailed data tables supporting these statistical release can be found here and may already contain the information you require.

By Post

Please complete the application form and post it to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Authority Headquarters
Nissan Way
Tyne and Wear

When requesting information please ensure you include the following details: 

  • your name and address

  • the information or documents you would like to access

  • the way you would like the information to be sent to you (e.g. hard copy, via email)

  • contact telephone number (This is optional but it may be helpful if we need to clarify the information you have requested). 

This will ensure that your application is dealt with as quickly as possible. You should give as much detail as you can in order to assist us in locating the information that you require. 


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Freedom of Information Request