Responding to Emergencies

The role of a modern firefighter is not just about dealing with fires. Within Tyne and Wear firefighters are provided with the training and equipment to deal with a huge range of incidents and rescues.

We deal with fires and road traffic collisions on a daily basis. Other incidents we attend include working in confined spaces such as tunnel and sewer rescues, as well as helping individuals who are trapped in lifts and machinery.

We have specialist rescue teams who are highly trained in the rescue of people from height, whether that is from a cliff or a bridge. Other specialist rescue teams deal with structural collapse incidents and even animal rescues.

The Fire and Rescue Service will also attend rail, aircraft and water incidents that involve fire or rescue.

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As a service we also have to train and prepare ourselves for incidents involving hazardous materials such as chemicals, biological agents and gases. We have the ability to decontaminate our own firefighters and large numbers of the public in the event of a major incident. We are responsible for multi-agency planning for industrial Major Accidents and have published a guide which you can find here and at the foot of this page.

The challenge of climate change has resulted in changes to the frequency and severity of flooding. We have an important role when large scale flooding occurs. We also assist householders and businesses that need help.

Whether fighting fires, performing rescues, carrying out humanitarian services or protecting the environment, our firefighters are backed up by highly trained, skilled and dedicated control room staff that coordinate the response to all incidents, as well as providing expert advice and guidance to the public in times of emergency.