Smoke Alarms

Every home should have at least one smoke alarm and preferably one at each floor level, especially outside sleeping areas.  

Buying Smoke Alarms

You can purchase smoke alarms in supermarkets and DIY, hardware and electrical shops. All alarms must carry the British Standards kitemark.  

You can also request a home safety check where smoke alarms can be fitted free of charge. 

Location of your Smoke Alarms

If you have an alarm and it goes off regularly because of smoke from cooking activities, do not get frustrated with it.

Watch the video

The smoke alarm is doing its job. It has probably been placed in the wrong location. If it is not obvious where to re-locate it, contact the Fire Service and we will advise you.
Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Smoke alarms do not need much maintenance.

  • Test the alarm every month, by pressing the test button on the alarm.
  • If the ceiling is high, use a stepladder to reach it or use a broom handle or walking stick to push the button.
  • Never use candles, cigarettes, matches or other naked flames to test smoke alarms. If you drop them they could actually cause a fire.
  • If the alarm begins to beep once in a while replace the battery
  • Once a year gently vacuum clean the smoke alarm


Smoke Alarms Reminder Service

You can take advantage of a reminder service from Safelincs, who will contact you when your smoke alarm batteries need replacing by either email or text. You can register for this service on the Safelincs Website.