What should I do now?

You should do the following:-

  • Ensure that the fire risk assessment  and Evacuation Plan for your premises are up-to-date and reflects the conditions in your premises.
  • Ensure that your fire alarm and detection system has been properly designed, installed, and commissioned, and that it is properly managed and maintained.
  • Ensure that you have people designated to take responsibility for the management and maintenance of your fire alarm system.
  • Ensure that in the event of your fire alarm operating, the premises are evacuated, where this forms part of the fire strategy for your premises.
  • Ensure that your fire alarm procedures include the designation of specific trained staff to check whether or not there are any signs of a fire, when the fire alarm sounds.
  • If any signs of fire are found, ensure that there is a designated member of staff to call the Fire and Rescue Service – 999.
  • Ensure that any false alarms are properly recorded in the fire alarm log book, including remedial actions taken to prevent a recurrence.