Fire Safety Audit Questionnaire

To help us provide the best possible service it is important that we hear from people who have had contact with our fire safety inspectors.

If you have had a fire safety inspection from one of our officers we would be grateful if you would take the time to complete this questionnaire.  The information will be used to identify any areas of improvement and enable us to assess the level of service provided.

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Fire Safety Audit Questionnaire
With regard to your most recent audit by the Fire & Rescue Service, was the visit?



Did the Fire and Rescue Service undertake the audit on the arranged date? (If this was rescheduled on your behalf please tick yes). »



Do you agree or disagree that the Fire Safety Officer (s)
Arrived at the agreed time (if arranged) »



Clearly identified themselves »



Carried out their duties in a professional manner »



Informed you regarding any likely outcomes or next steps »



Provided the opportunity to discuss the process or give advice where necessary »



Do you agree or disagree that the Fire Safety Audit...?
Caused minimal disruption to your business »



And any subsequent advice has assisted in making your premises safer from fire. »
Has increased your knowledge and understanding of your responsibilities under the Fire Safety Order.



With regard to future Fire and Rescue Service Audits, how would you prefer to be contacted?
What is the main use of your property?
TWFRS wish to thank you for your time