Aims and Objectives

Our vision for the community will be achieved by providing the people of Tyne and Wear with the services they want and need, to the highest possible standard; 

Vision Statement

‘Creating The Safest Community’


Our mission will help us secure this vision;

Mission Statement

‘To save life, reduce risk, provide humanitarian services
and protect the environment'

In order to ensure success, we will focus our efforts on the following four corporate goals that form the framework through which our service delivery and excellence will be secured: 

  • To prevent loss of life and injury from fires and other emergencies and promote community wellbeing;
  • To respond appropriately to the risk;
  • To plan and prepare for exceptional events;
  • To deliver a modern effective service, ensuring value for money with staff who reflect the communities we serve. 

To be effective in achieving these objectives we must ensure that the services we provide: 

  • Are well managed – employees are expected to manage the areas for which they are responsible within budget,
  • Aim for excellence in service provision taking account of stakeholders views,
  • Work in effective partnership with the communities it represents, and external organisations. 


1. Reduce the occurrence of all incidents attended and their consequences.

2. Work with partners to promote community safety, social responsibility and inclusion.

3. Plan and deliver resources as determined by the risk.

4. Work with relevant partner agencies to develop and resource effective emergency plans.

5. Provide a trained and competent workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

6. Provide efficient and effective services to meet the needs of our diverse communities whilst minimising impacts on the environment

Additionally, we also recognise that all employees need to have a clear understanding about our working practices, and the core values required for long term success. Everyone within the Authority has a responsibility for ensuring these values are implemented and upheld. 

Our working style and values are as follows:

We Value Service To The Community By:

  • Working with all groups to reduce risk;
  • Treating everyone fairly and with respect;
  • Being answerable to those we serve;
  • Striving for excellence.  

We Value All Our Employees By Practising And Promoting:

  • Fairness and respect;
  • Recognition of credit;
  • Honesty, integrity and mutual trust;
  • Personal development;
  • Co-operative and inclusive working.

We Value Improvement At All Levels Of The Service By:

  • Accepting responsibility for our performance;
  • Being open minded;
  • Considering criticism thoughtfully;
  • Learning from our experience;
  • Consulting others.

We Value Diversity In The Service And Community By:

  • Treating everyone fairly and with respect;
  • Providing varying solutions for different needs and expectations;
  • Promoting equal opportunities in employment within the Service;
  • Challenging prejudice and discrimination.

The Authority is committed to diversity and equality. Our policies and procedures are continually reviewed to promote equality of opportunity and treatment for everyone as we work towards the Equality Standard for local Government. Through these policies and procedures we will demonstrate our commitment to employing a diverse workforce.